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With lectures, presentations and workshops at companies and universities in Europe, we are in close contact to practise and researchers. Most of the talks are invited or in context of peer reviewed conferences.

A selection of lectures and presentations:

FH Potsdam, Germany • invited lecture on “scales and levels of energy optimized building design in urban context”

Danish Technological Institute (DTI), Denmark, 2010 • invited lecture on “sustainable building design and simulation tools”, 2010

Aarhus Architecture School, Denmark, 2010 • BIMpilot course, lecture on implementation of BIM as process

SHL Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen Architects, Aarhus, Denmark, 2010 • invited lecture on sustainability in early design phases

EPFL Lausanne, Faculty ENAC, Switzerland, 2009 •  invited lecture in symposia “Challenges of Sustainability in the 21st century”

University of Tokyo, Japan, Center for Knowledge Structuring, Taculty of Engineering, 2009 • workshops on “Information Modelling and the Description of Beauty in Software”

Tamkang University, Faculty of Architecture, Taipei, Danshui Campus, Taiwan, 2009 • two workshops on parameterization and Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIMcamp 2009, Ebeltoft, Denmark, 2009 • lecture on the need of nonpictorial description of architecture.

CAADRIA 2009, Taiwan, 2009 • Ubicomp-Kaizen, The use of Japanese Quality Management methods for the Design of Smart Buildings

CAADRIA 2008, Chiang Mai, Kingdom of Thailand, 2008 • Kanban as a Supporting Tool for the Sustainable Design and Operation of Smart Buildings, The potential of the Toyota Production System in Architecture

NUS National University of Singapore, 2008 • guest critique studio Florian Schätz

Danish Ministry for Science, Technology and Education, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2007 • Sustainability and architectural Innovation at Baumschlager-Eberle

eCAADe2007, Frankfurt, Deutschland, 2007 • Challenges of media integrated architecture

SIA Thurgau, Switzerland, Symposium on Structural Sustainability, 2007 • Sustainability and architectural Innovation at Baumschlager-Eberle

CAADRIA 2007, SEU Nanjing, China, 2007 • The categorisation of data from smart building for a positive sustainable application - or “how to make a Google™ in the House”

Choi arquitectos, Macau, 2007 • Workshop on project management and sustainable building design

Shih-Chien University Taipei, Taiwan, 2007 • lecture on media facades and sensor spaces, in collaboration with REXplorer workshop

DACH 2007, Tainan, Taiwan, 2007 • location based guides overview and impact • looking at your monument from your office desk

Das Mediale Haus®, Nurnberg, Germany, 2006 • invited key-note lecture for opening and press

eCAADe2006, Volos, Griechenland, 2006 • My Building is My Display • Teaching Pervasive Computing to Students of Architecture

CAADRIA 2006, Kumamoto, Japan, 2006 • Digital Smart Technologies for sustainable Architecture

Siemens, Munich, Germany, 2005 • Presentation Computer Integrated Architecture

RWTH Aachen, 2005 • Presentation on Computer Integrated Architecture

Ubicomp 2005, Tokyo, Japan, 2005 • Workshop and presentation “Lecture Hall of the Future”

eCAADe2005, Lisbon, Portugal, 2005 • Teaching CAAD by using a digital Chain • Adaptive Buildings

Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany, 2005 • Presentation smart buildings and Discussion