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Education and Research

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Academic Education and Research

The exchange of findings in both research and education of Dr.-Ing. Odilo Schoch is a central part of his approach. By this research proposals have a first conceptual test-field, and the same students are linked to contemporary research questions.

In case support is needed, an international network is able to link to experts in adjacent disciplines such as urban design and parametric modelling. These experts are located at renowned offices and universities.

His current office work benefits from the findings in research and education.

Office Zurich

‘Schoch Architectural Services’ (legal registration under: ‘Schoch Dienstleistungen für Architektur GmbH’) is located in Zurich, a global hub or state-of-the-art research and practise in architecture and urban design. With offices and researchers acting in local and global context, the office is well networked to colleagues and academia.

The services and projects done by Schoch Architectural Services are consultation and design support. Consultation is both on organisational and management level for offices or projects. This allows the customized adaptation towards design needs. Projects are as divers as energy-optimization concepts for large scale buildings in the tropical climate zones in China and design development for small scale extensions of single family houses in Germany.

This diversity gives us the practise related understanding of construction detailing, management and contemporary needs on various scales. A metabolistic understanding is essential, as it links directly with advantages of architectural quality management.