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Digital tools support human designers by their ability to handle large amount of data and information. When seeing information to be “contextualised data”, then knowledge is “valued information”.

Based on this principle, design strategies are following diagrammatic and lean understanding. As design requires the customization of processes, the input given by digital tools are following “on demand”. We use software to calculate costs, energy flows and simulation of design variations. In particular during conceptual design, design development and construction management, our tools support us to achieve the legal requirements and goals defined by the clients.
This fundamental understanding is known as BIM (Building Information Modelling). We have a sound experience in BIM, with projects in Swoitzerland, Germany, Denmark and China.


As early as 1995, Odilo Schoch worked in the wind tunnel at ETH Zürich and its related software tools COMERL/COMIS. Unter the guidance of Prof. Klaus Daniels and his team, he gradually elaborated skills to inteact with their simulation tasks. This gave him a close insight into key aspects of wind comfort. the advantages of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) were linked to the benefits of instant feedback of the analogue wind tunnel experiments.