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Teaching at CITA in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen Teaching

Creative Data  - Summer of BIM 2010

Digital tools expand and support the design process. With direct funding by the Danish Ministry for Culture, an intense 4 weeks course was set up covering two major themes: parametric design and sustainable design in shifting architectural scales.

Parametric BIM teaches the application and use of parametric thinking and design approaches. With an integrated approach towards design, parametric thinking allows the quick proof check of design variations and alternatives. This course communicated the principles and application of parametric design strategies. By introducing and using McNeel’s Rhino3D, Grasshopper, Autodesk’s Revit Architectecture 2011 and Ecotect 2011 the students elaborated successfully the collaborative power of these tools in shifting scales.

GreenBIM focussed on the elaboration of low-energy concepts and their proof-checking through analogue and digital tools. The benefit of software to handle large amount of contextual data allows the modification of the building design. The students therefore could propose strategies to energy-optimize existing Danish classics towards 0-energy buildings. In particular the architectural qualities of buildings design by Arne Jacobsen or Finn Juhl challenged the strategies for energy-optimization on a high level due to their significant architectural qualities.

Guest lecturers from Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and United Kingdom gave insights in the application of these themes by applying the mindset and tools. Their fields are as broad as urban design, sustainable housing, transformation of music to Form, data exchange and lartge scale parametric projects in Asia. Guests are:

theme: Creativity in Sustainability - Brian Edwards, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, Institute 2, DK; Lars Junghans, University of Michigan, USA; Ullrich Grassmann, Baumschlager-Eberle Architects, St. Gallen, CH; Asbjørn Levring, Teknologisk Institut, DK

theme: Parametric Creativity - Sebastian Gmelin, Århus Arkitektskole, DK; Eilif Hjelseth, Standards Norway / UMB OSLO, N; David Stasiuk, USA; Jan Hendrik Hansen, WHIST Zurich, CH; James Harty, KEA København, DK; Martin Tamke, CITA, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, Institute 2, DK;

theme: Integrated Creativity - Lorenz Lachauer, ETH Zurich, CH; Peter Dang, Snøhetta Architects, N; Antje Kunze, ETH Zurich, CH; Søren Nielsen, Vandkunsten, DK; Line Rahbek,, DK/UK.

Other courses are listed on CITA's website (click here). Short summaries highlight the courses aims.

Technology 5

The course Tek-5 in Copenhagen introduced core concepts and tools of digitally supported archtiectural design to the students.By backwords analysing existing projects, they mapped controvercies by using UniUML-flowcharts and webbased tools. By this a coherence between the projects was built in order to find similarities in different built objects. A mySQL-database and correlated website possitively supported the course’s management.


As Building-related information and the modelling of their relation is broad and abstract, the hands-on exercises are attracting the students interest and communicate the teaching goals. The students’ rhetorical skills improve through the course and their design awareness is higher than before the course.

Summer of BIM - Documentation 1