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BIM, Tools and Apps

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Process Management and Tools

Digital tools are a strong element in daly practise and research, Nevertheless, the  need for adaptation and customization of existing software is necessary. We develop approaches or code plug-ins in order to ease workflows or solve digital gap. With sound experience in office, at academia and on construction sites world-wide, we are partners for a broad understanding of digital tools on the field.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a worldwide understanding of using informed 3D models in order to handle transdisciplinary tasks within the construction industry.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Odilo is BIM coordinator and has a sound experience in implementing BIM for architects, engineers and clients. He was Assistant-Professor for BIM in denmark - the first country with a BIM-law. At BFH (Berner Fachhochschule / Berne University of Applied Sciences) he is teaching and research in BIM. As well he offers courses in applying BIM on an operational level.
As BIM coordinator he is skilled in software and setting up project-specific BIM-execution plans, IDM (Information Delivery Manuals) and setiing up simple and advanced BIM-workflows. This reaches from 'lonely BIM' up to BIMserver or databases.

  1. simulation and decision making
  2. project management and organisation

Simulation allows the proofchecking of a design idea in an early stage - the pahse in a project where decisions have a strong impact on a buildings quality, costs and sustainability. Simulations are as simple as calculating the costs on a napkin, or as complex as wind comfort and natural ventilation in sub-tropical areas of our world. By knowing the necessary input. the output can shorten design decisions and therefore enhance creativity towards a high quality architectural and urban sesign.

Project management is a key factor for success and confidence among the project's stakeholders independent its size. A right amount of structured working methid and detailed control allows the handling of different persons and information. This allows the eased communication and positive output of each member of the teach.

As one of the first consultants, we use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)-tools in order to manage building design processes. The success of tools such as SAP(R) in diverse industries was the initiator to consider ERP as both a valid tool for analysing processes, documenting and modelling them. This is far beyong pure CAD and BIM applications. As user of free ERP-applications, we are open for costumized solutions. Contact us.


Schoch Architectural Services develops customized Apps for mobile devices. With initial focus on the Android platform, we are partner for the development of novel handheld applications, this includes parets or the full range of activities linking market-analyse, concept, development and market-launch. Apps for Apple(R)'s mobile devices, we collaborate with specialists.

Thematical focus is the accessibility of architectural information on the site of activitiy. This links for example IFC-data or gbXML information to location based services within an android smartphone.