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Practise and Detailling

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With Baumschlager-Eberle Architects

The work for and at the award-winning office included activities for their projects PopMOMA andShangdiMOMA in Beijing, China. The latter a housing project with almost 1'000 apartments in Beijing's academic district and 'silicon valley Zhongguancun 中关村街道' of Haidian.  competitions in Switzerland and Germany as well as contributions to their internal project management manual.

See their website for further information:

With Ulrich Schoch Architects

The home office in Germany frequently commissions projects. Direct interaction with craftsmen, clients and authorities is an active part of the work due to the size of this office’s projects. Recent work included (selection):

  • regional development plan ELR
  • feasibility study kindergarten and community centre
  • communitiy center (German HOAI phases 1-9)
  • conception and comparison for factory building
  • designs for housing and modernisation
  • renovation of listed buildings (dated 17th century)

See the client’s websites for further information: and

Example: Local Development Concept ELR

Commissioned by the local authorities, we elaborated strategies for the development of the village Gschlachtenbretzingen in Germany. On various scales, the potentials and qualities were first analysed in order to define areas of higher density and green space. The former farmers village is now a residential area near the regional hub of Schwäbisch Hall.

The task included as well the proposal for infrastructure, renewable energy and handling of the aging society.

Example: Community Centre Berghof, Germany

In direct interaction with the clients representatives, we did all phases ( concept to construction management and documentation) of a community centre in Rosengarten, Germany. This building includes an intense energy concept with passive and active strategies.

In the beginning design variations got explored, lateron acoustic simulation and construction detailing was done.

The building is used for partys, music performances and religious activities. It is situated in direct proximity to the existing church and therefore needed to adress issues of heritage and accessibility.